Chapter 1, Session 2: Rolling Hard Six

“‘Sometimes you gotta roll hard six.’ You hear it said from time to time, but do ya know what it means? Rolling a hard six is risky business but if you hit it, the payout is big. Simpletons make two kinds of mistakes. They think that if ya play it safe, you come out on top and they think that they’ve got some kinda control over their lives. Fact number one: If there ain’t a risk, then there ain’t a reward. Fact number two: Even if ya think you’ve rigged the die things might not turn out the way ya planned.”
-Trace Harrison

Chapter 1, Session 1: Music Box

“You know, the thing about music boxes is that no matter how long the song is, it’ll always come back round to the start again. Life’s kinda like that ya know, the world keeps spinnin’ but it’s always singin the same old tune. Only thing any one of us can do is change the tempo. Hell, you can stop spinnin’ completely if ya like, but one day somebody’s gunna come along and start crank’n and that music box is gunna pick up right where ya left it.”

-Billy Lancaster

The crowds gather to hear The Magistrate of Aris, Linus Gundal Junior’s announcement and the excitement is palpable. As he steps up to the podium, the people hush and listen. He announces that guard forces will be leaving for war, and that the practice of bounty hunting will be reinstated. An older man with a wide brimmed hat and a leather duster sits atop a crate over looking the crowd. He shows reaction to the announcement and instead his hand moves to the inside pocket of his duster and pulls out a small wooden box.

Billy Lancaster announces the first mark, a black market smuggler by the name of Danny Fuko. People start to gather in groups, plotting and scheming. One such group stands out from the rest, a man dressed entirely in black, an odd looking machine made of wood, flint and stone, an elf with a vicious looking ethereal bear close on her heels, a half orc with a rediculously sized sword, and a bestial woman with a sturdy bow.

They head to the guard house, looking for lead and are not disappointed. The captain of the guard informs them that Danny uses a bar by the name of Bottom of the Barrel to conduct his business and the party heads east to investigate.

At The Bottom of the Barrel, the party finds Danny but before they can make the arrest a trio of crossbowmen let loose a volley into the bar. Danny slips into the back room as chaos and combat distract the party. After dispatching the thugs, they make their way into the black market tunnels where they deftly disarm a pair of traps and make their way to an open chamber.

The party finds Danny, but he has been intercepted by a man named Lenny De Luco and his hired thugs. Lenny reveils that Danny has been stealing from his clients and is here to exact his vengance. The party declines Lenny’s offer to walk away and ends up taking both he and Danny into custody, though one of the thugs manages to escape. On the way to the guard house, the party breaks into an arguement and Danny slips off in the crowd. Luckily the vigilant eyes of the elf allow the party to track him down to his safe house, where Danny exchanges his stolen goods and a favor for his freedom. The party departs once again for the guard house.

Assets Gained:
A favor from Danny Fuko
20 bottles of illegal wine, worth 5gp each
3 Barrels of illegal Ale, worth 20gp each
Items on Lenny’s person, to be determined

Assets Lost:
Influence with The Black Market


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