The Sisters Pantheon

The creation myth of the Sisters Pantheon starts with a singular god creating the universe in the form of a great egg. From that egg, the sisters were born.

The first born took on the name Rachel and she began to shape the egg, creating the mountains and valleys.

The second born took the name Lyra and gifted the world with motion, making the rivers and winds and powered them all with magical ley lines.

The third daughter, Mira gave the world life and great trees sprung up, reaching for the skys while primal beasts stalked below.

The youngest of the sisters, Ira, brought balance to the world, and declared that everything that lives must also die and return their energy to the great reservoir that remained hidden in the egg.

Worship of the sisters is recognized in most major cities, though the level of worship depends on the individual and ranges from an occasional prayer to more intricate rituals and practices. Churches are sometimes constructed in larger cities but in more rural areas solo practitioners and small congregations are common.

The Sisters Pantheon

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